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The Ignite Group is a collective of like minded individuals who focus on delivering the best results in the business world.

Here at The Ignite Group our primary goal is to be refreshingly dynamic in the way we approach business.

We are the ignition needed to propel your visions into reality. Currently focused on being the best when it comes to telecoms franchising. We are always looking for opportunities to deliver fantastic results and innovation.

Our Awards

Franchise of the Year
Franchise of the Year
Franchise of the Year Nomination
2022, 2018, 2017
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Franchise of the Year
Franchisee of the Year

Key People

Mark Hopton

Managing Director


Mark has grown The Ignite Group from humble beginnings. After selling his first business he went on to open the first EE franchise store which was an immediate success. Since then he’s overseen the rapid growth of the business into one of EE’s largest UK retail partners with stores up and down the country.


When asked about his career highlights Mark cited; becoming an EE retail partner, completing the takeover of the Chrome PSG Group in 2018 and winning ‘Franchisee of the Year’ on two occasions.


As Group Managing Director, Mark remains very much hands on to help and assist his management team to develop and grow their own abilities whilst striving for perfection in the mobile phone retail sector. Mark would describe himself as passionate, honest and focused bringing the following three key areas of expertise to his role; visionary leadership, effective decision making and strong financial acumen.

Sam Darkin

Regional Director


Sam started his employment in the mobile phone sector 13 years ago and has worked for The Ignite Group from its inception being instrumental in its growth and development. Starting as a Sales Advisor Sam has successfully grown with the business over the years and in 2019 Sam became Regional Director of the group.


When asked about his career highlights Sam cited; being recognised by Orange as one of the highest performing sales advisors in the UK, winning Franchise of the Year and delivering record sales numbers in the first month of trading as Store Manager.


As Regional Director, Sam is directly involved in supporting all areas of the business, ensuring that all team members can reach their potential. Sam would describe himself as professional, determined and analytical bringing the following three key areas of expertise to his role; Sales psychology, staff management and a detailed understanding of HR procedures.

Katrina Gauden

Group Compliance Manager


Kat joined Chrome PSG Retail Group in 2014 as Regional Compliance Manager. More recently Kat has gone on to become Group Compliance Manager overseeing all compliance matters for both Midlands and North Regions within The Ignite Group.


When asked about her proudest career highlights she cited; Achieving the first 100% compliance score in The Ignite Group, becoming a Compliance Manager for the first time and qualifying as a Nursery Assistant for children with special needs.


Kat would describe herself as funny, easy going and a bit crazy! She brings 3 key areas of expertise to her role as Compliance Manager; Attention to detail, leadership and productivity.

Alex George

Regional Trainer


After starting his career at Orange in 2010 Alex successfully worked his way from the shop floor to become a Regional Trainer and then National Digital Academy Manger for EE. After a successful 8 year stint Alex moved to The Ignite Group to be back on the shop floor as Cluster Manager for two Midlands based stores. More recently Alex has stepped up to become Ignite’s Group Trainer and has set up its renowned Training Academy which each and every staff member attends on starting with the business.


When asked about proudest career highlights Alex cited; Forging three brand new roles in three companies (Field Trainer, Digital Academy Manager & Ignite National Trainer), taking a problem store and turning it around to be a regional top performer and influencing the way EE Design team worked which lead to better communication and higher standard of work.


Alex would describe himself as loyal, honest and determined and areas of expertise are store strategy, staff training and recruitment and maximising digital training tools.

Lyndsey Jenkinson

Regional Manager (North)


After a career in the travel business Lyndsey joined Chrome PSG Retail Group in 2014 which was subsequently taken over by The Ignite Group in 2018. As a highly regarded and successful store manager she has played a crucial role in merging the two business and has moved into her current role as Regional Manager in the North East.


When asked about her proudest career highlights Lyndsey cited; Winning Store of the Year at Thomas Cook, winning Manager of the Year at Chrome PSG Retail Group and developing multiple staff members into management positions.


Lyndsey would describe herself as approachable, knowledgeable and trustworthy. She brings 3 key areas of expertise to her role as Regional Manager; Staff development, key industry knowledge and staff motivation.

Kuba Jerchel

Regional Manager (Midlands)


After a career at Phones 4U Kuba moved to The Ignite Group in 2014 as a Store Manager. He quickly established himself as a top performer and as the company grew so did Kuba’s career becoming a Senior Store Manager, Regional Assistant and then, in 2019 moved into his current role as Regional Manager for our Midlands region.


When asked about his proudest career highlights he cited; being a Senior Manager through the biggest growth years of The Ignite Group, managing a flagship store for Phones 4U in Milton Keynes and playing a key role in the recruitment and development of the current Store Managers within Ignite.


Kuba would describe himself as fair, patient and determined. He brings 3 key areas of expertise to his role as Midlands Regional Manager; People skills, sales psychology and deep commercial knowledge.

Russell Smith

Compliance Support Manager


After a successful career in food retail, Russ moved to The Ignite Group as a Store Manager and quickly established himself as a top performer within the business. 

As well as great store management and sales performance Russ also demonstrated he had a keen eye for policy and procedure so took on the role of Compliance Support Manager alongside his duties as Store Manager.

When asked about his proudest career highlights he cited; running the first Ignite Group store to beat company wide profit targets, taking an underachieving store and turning it into a top performer with a brand new team and being selected and signed off as a deputy manager after a gruelling 9 month selection process during his time in food retail.

Russ would describe himself as passionate, determined and principled. He brings 3 key areas of expertise to his role as Compliance Support Manager; Staff development, HR management and swift adaptability.

Knock Knock, Who’s There?

31st January 2023

Here at The Ignite Group we’re always looking for new ways to provide dynamic personal service to our customers. We want to offer our customers a fully flexible experience which fits into their busy lives.   The next step of this development is to launch our brand new EE Field Sales init...

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If you are wanting to join the Ignite team please get in touch, we’re always looking for the best-of-the-best in our locations throughout the UK.

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